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Davy Tyburski's Personal and Professional Areas of Focus

Davy's vast experience serves him well in his efforts to grow his brands plus his 501(c)(3) organization-Pastor360.com. For over two decades, he has shared his profit generating strategies and techniques with $500K+ start up entrepreneurs to $1B+ companies including Microsoft, Kellogg's, FedEx, Manpower and the Walt Disney Company just to name a few. He has earned the title of America's Chief Profit Officer® and his public speaking client list continues to grow because he delivers what every entrepreneur, company, professional practitioner and organization wants: MORE PROFIT!

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Advisor, Author, Fractional COO and Speaker
"America’s Chief Profit Officer"®

In 2008, Davy created Profit Inner Circle to serve companies and organizations who want to increase profits. He is a sought out business advisor, fractional COO and professional speaker because he delivers what every entrepreneur, company, professional practitioner and organization wants: MORE PROFIT!

He offers his results-based, profit building services to a limited number of selected clients each year. Davy's 20+ years of leading high-performance teams in Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Operations and Getting Paid PLUS his 200% ROI Guarantee is what sets him apart from the other 99% of business consultants and coaches in the world.

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Affluent Auto Spa

Davy serves as the Business Advisor for the Affluent Auto Spa which was created by his son Dylan during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Dylan's business...

  • Delivers customized treatment plans
  • Invests in the latest and greatest technology
  • Utilizes the top performing "lotions and potions" and the most cutting edge equipment available
  • Invests in the top training, education and certifications to increase our team's knowledge, skills and abilities

This is a great opportunity for Davy to share his wisdom and pass on his knowledge, skills and abilities to his son.

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Big Money Detailer

Davy created "Big Money Detailer" because he is already advising his son Dylan (founder of the Affluent Auto Spa) on how to create a highly profitable business, so he decided to show other high-end detailers how to earn more, so they can serve more!

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Upward360, 501(c)(3)

Research shows that Pastors face more issues, deal with more conflict, more anger, and higher expectations than ever before. In most cases, research shows that Pastors may not be adequately trained to meet the expectations of their parishioners. In addition, many Pastors have not learned to balance time and responsibilities of family and ministry or how to deal adequately with the massive demands and expectations of the ‘job.’

Since 2013, Pastor360 has been providing practical advice,  proven leadership guidance and spiritual support for Pastors and their ministries. Pastor360 is where Pastors come to gain the right resources, ideas, strategies and tools to enjoy more balance, greater effectiveness, less stress, supportive accountability, and a sense of hope and joy in Pastoral ministry.

Pastor360 delivers its vital educational, practical and spiritual support for Pastors and their ministries through live collegial events, "MasterMind" gatherings, video conference private coaching calls, group coaching calls, and our online 24x7 Academy. Pastor360 operates under the umbrella of Upward 360, an approved 501 (c)(3) organization.

More About Davy...


From Driving Nails & Ambulances...to Driving More Profit

Davy Tyburski shares the universal language of PROFIT with entrepreneurs through multi-billion dollar corporations. He is one of the most in-demand professional speakers and business advisors because he delivers what every entrepreneur, company, and organization wants: MORE PROFIT!

He grew up just south of Pittsburgh with his mother, father and three older brothers: Barry, Ricky and Ronnie.

His first ‘major’ accomplishment came during his high school years while attending the Mon Valley Vocational Technical School where he was studying carpentry. He was awarded the Outstanding Senior Achievement Award (he was selected from over 64 other students). With this momentum, he began his first career as a carpenter in the small, steel mill town of Monessen, Pennsylvania.

While there, he volunteered at the Monessen Ambulance Service where he served as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with his next oldest brother Ronnie. This is where Davy learned the values of teamwork, dedication, and living every day to serve others, especially in their time of need.

After one winter in the construction business, Davy decided it was too cold to be a carpenter in Pennsylvania, so he packed his belongings and moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. After arriving in Florida, he worked one summer as a carpenter and discovered it was too hot to be a carpenter. Davy needed a career change…

From Humble Beginnings as a “Delivery Man”
to Award Winning Business Executive

Davy decided to pursue a career in the healthcare industry because he enjoys helping and serving others. After searching the newspaper classifieds, he responded to a ‘Help Wanted’ ad that read something like this: “EMT wanted for a global medical technology company.” After three interviews, wearing the same dress shirt and tie, he accepted the humble position of service consultant (which is a fancy title for ‘delivery man’) with the company.

Fast-forward twenty-plus years, after enjoying increasing roles of responsibility in; Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Operations and Accounts Receivable, he chose to retire to get some well-deserved rest. A short time later, he founded Profit Inner Circle which today is a leading authority in profit enhancement programs.

A few of Davy's awards and accomplishments include:

1) CEO’s Award of Excellence, selected over 2,000 other team members
2) Managed over 2M customer interactions per year (inbound/outbound)
3) President’s Inner Circle twice and Two-time Member of the President’s Club
4) Created and implemented state-of-the-art order to cash collection division, 750+ team members and maintained a 93% ‘employee satisfaction’ level which was the highest rating in the company- SHRM.org reports the average is 83%
5) Ongoing development of proprietary software programs and enhancements to improve quality and productivity gains

1) Increased cash balance 875% over 4 years
2) Increased sales revenue 201% over 4 years
3) Established compensation programs that encourage “Think Like an Owner” mentality
4) Created and implemented a live seminar strategy that delivered over $2M of additional profit
5) EBITDA increase of 647% over 4 years (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization)

Kevin Harrington, the original shark on ABC's hit TV show 'Shark Tank' says, "As a Shark, Davy speaks my language: PROFIT, PROFIT, PROFIT! Davy finds the little things that are leaking big profits out of your business and he puts his money where his mouth is."

Davy has been there, done that (for 30+ years ), and still doing it today! He is a hands-on business advisor who offers his profit building services to a limited number of selected clients each year. His 200% Return-On-Investment guarantee is what sets him apart from the other 99 percent of business consultants and coaches in the world.

Davy Finds Another Mission

In 2013, Davy was invited to attend a Pastor conference in Scottsdale Arizona by his Pastor (Bill Tucker). It’s important to note that up to that point, Davy’s exposure and involvement in conferences and seminars was through hosting his own business building events or attending other “over the top” events.

After the first day of the conference, he had dinner with Pastor Bill and Pastor Zach from his home church, Concordia Lutheran in San Antonio. Within a few minutes of sitting down at the table, Pastor Tucker asked Davy what was wrong because he had a distraught look on his face and seemed a bit upset.

Davy began to explain his feelings, “I’m very mad, upset, disappointed (and a few selected expletives that expressed his frustration). He went on. “I can’t believe it, you guys have one of the most important professions, building God’s kingdom, and there seems to be a general lack of appreciation and understanding from the church community. I had no idea about the challenges and struggles that Pastors have to deal with.” Pastor Tucker’s response… “So, what are YOU going to do about it?” Fast forward a few weeks and Pastor360 was created.

Family is the Solid Foundation

Davy is married to Gail, who serves as an Intensive Care nurse and they have been sharing life together for over 30 years. Davy and Gail reside in San Antonio, Texas. They have two sons, Kevin and Dylan. Davy is also an avid basketball fan and player.

Volunteer Service


Volunteer Director and Elder-Concordia Lutheran Church San Antonio
Davy serves as an Elder which is basically aiding the Pastors in their pastoral duties at their request. In addition, he provides coaching and mentoring in the areas of leadership, marketing and operations.

Volunteer-Sleep in Heavenly Peace
Sleep in Heavenly Peace provides children a safe, comfortable place to lay their heads. SHP is a group of volunteers dedicated to building, assembling and delivering top-notch bunk beds to children and families in need. As volunteers, Davy and his family help deliver beds to see first-hand the direct impact of their efforts can have on a kid’s life. For some, it was the first time they’ve ever slept in a bed of their own.

Volunteer-Bulverde Area Humane Society
The Bulverde Humane Society is an all volunteer, non-government affiliated no-kill shelter providing a caring and secure environment for homeless and surrendered dogs and cats. Davy's family volunteers on an as needed basis to serve the staff and the animals living at the shelter.